July 12, 2024

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Arcane Season 1 Getting 4K Home Entertainment Release From GKIDS

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Christian Linke & Alex Yee’s Ella Purnell & Hailee Steinfeld-starring Arcane Season 1 will get a 4K home entertainment release from GKIDS.

With the second season of Christian Linke & Alex Yee and Riot Games’ Ella Purnell and Hailee Steinfeld-starring Arcane rolling out later this year and a presentation set for this week’s Annecy International Animation Festival, things are looking good for fans of the hit animated series. And the good news continued to roll on Monday, with indie distributor GKIDS announcing that it has acquired the global videogram and digital transactional rights (excluding China) for the first season of the Emmy Award-winner. Yup, that includes home entertainment rights. While the company promises to release “a full product array later this year” with additional details, the big headline-grabber is that the first season will be released digitally as well in “premium editions” – including a 4K version that will only be available as a physical collection. Yup… you actually get to own it – without it suddenly disappearing the next day (short of someone breaking into your home, obviously).

Image: GKIDS

GKIDS founder and CEO Eric Beckman had this to share when the news was first announced: “We are monster fans of the series, and our team is having a blast collaborating with the creatives at Riot and Fortiche to put together an amazing package for the fans. This project was dreamt up on the lawn by the lake at Annecy, so we are extra happy to be able to announce this collaboration at the festival and true home of animation.” Here’s a look at the social media announcement:

Netflix’s Arcane: The Road to Season 2

“I just watched the third episode of season 2 before my flight, so we’re making progress on it. It is not ready yet, and there’s two reasons for that. One, we want quality. We just don’t want to rush,” Riot Games CEO Nicolo Laurent shared in early 2023. And then there’s the matter of the show’s success, the level of which caught everyone by surprise. “Honestly, we didn’t know if season 1 was gonna be a success. […] If I had known, we could have started season 2 way earlier. But we didn’t know, so we kind of waited a bit. Now, we’re paying the price. So, it’s unfortunately not going to be this year,” Laurent added. Nearly two months after winning the Emmy Award for Best Animated Program and with production on the second season underway, the Arcane team honored the one-year anniversary of the hit animated series with a message to the fans:

Image: Netflix

Linke was in attendance during the September ceremony to receive their Emmy Award. “Thank you for this. It’s a big deal for us as we come from video games. It’s been amazing to see the world embrace our characters and our stories, so thanks to Netflix, who believed in us from the beginning; thanks to Riot Games, who worked on the whole IP… and to all the people that have been with our game and League of Legends for the last 12 years or so who helped make it as big as it is now,” Linke said. Now, here’s a look back at the official trailer & overview for the first season of the Emmy Award-winning series:

Netflix’s Arcane dives into the delicate balance between the rich city of Piltover and the seedy underbelly of Zaun. Tensions between these city-states boil over with the creation of hextech — a way for any person to control magical energy – in Piltover, and in Zaun, a new drug called shimmer transforms humans into monsters. The rivalry between the cities splits families and friends as Arcane brings life to the relationships that shape some of League of Legends’ famous champions, including Vi, Jinx, Caitlyn, Jayce, and Viktor. Based on the world behind the game League of Legends, the animated event series features a complex world filled with moral decisions, breathtaking animation, and suspenseful storytelling. Animated by Fortiche Productions, Arcane also stars Katie Leung as Caitlyn Kiramman, Elsa Davoine as Caitlyn, Reed Shannon as Ekko, Kevin Alejandro as Jayce, Brett Tucker as Singed, Mick Wingert as Heimerdinger, and Harry Lloyd as Viktor.

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