April 16, 2024

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Best hi-fi systems 2024: CD, vinyl and streaming music systems for the home

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Best hi-fi systems 2024: Jump Menu

Whether we’re talking an all-in-one microsystem complete with speakers; a single box of streaming, CD- or vinyl-playing electronics to which speakers must be added; or a pair of integrated stereo speakers housing everything you need – an integrated hi-fi system can save you money, space and, let’s face it, a fair bit of time and effort.

As the music system is an eclectic product category that varies wildly in form factors, features and price, our pick of the best hi-fi systems on this page covers many types and budgets, so even if our top pick doesn’t suit your needs, something in the top 10 (or also consider section) should. We have CD and turntable systems, just-add-speakers streaming amplifiers, and integrated stereo speaker systems, each with varying functionalities, sonic chops and, naturally, asking prices.


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