July 12, 2024

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Homeowners have four specific areas to focus for spring cleaning

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Mike Thomas

Summer arrives June 20, so technically it is still time for spring cleaning. However, try not to think of spring cleaning as a chore, but as a chance to refresh your home.

A few days spent decluttering, cleaning and fixing can be like giving your house a spring spa day. Your home will be sparkling clean, ready for the summer and – most importantly – protected from potential problems down the road.

Here are several items for your spring cleaning that will be worthwhile:

Inspect windows

  • Make sure all your windows open and close smoothly and don’t have any drafts. Seal any leaks with caulk or weather stripping to keep cool air inside and your energy bills low.
  • Install clean window screens to let fresh air in while keeping insects out. Give your screens a wash with water and soap.


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