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Inside Scott KJ’s $41K Industrial Farmhouse Home Renovation

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If a bold, raw approach to interior design sounds daunting, then perhaps digital creator and sportsman Scott KJ’s $41K industrial farmhouse home renovation might be just the right amount of encouragement for you to give it a try.

Whilst the brickwork, exposed pipes, track lighting, and practical touches are all impressive, what might truly stun you is the fact that the home was designed entirely by the homeowners. That’s right—this was the result of having met 10 different IDs from various fairs, before coming up with their own designs and hiring contractors on Carousell to bring them to life.

A neat foyer with noteworthy design features

Industrial farmhouse home renovation - foyer

All of the features here in this industrial farmhouse home renovation are juxtaposed against a simple, off-white cement screed wall treatment. Besides the obvious thematic reasons, the cement screed also serves to help the other design elements stand out, whilst also providing some texturing to keep the empty spaces visually interesting.

In fact, the cement screed treatment on the main door was done by the homeowners themselves, with the rest of the home completed by contractors for a total of $5K. You can already see plenty of stylish features here, such as the exposed trunking and the shoe rack with crossbuck-style slots reminiscent of barn doors.

Industrial farmhouse home renovation - brick stool

The cute little brick stool is a fun centrepiece in this space, and the dresser desk beside the entrance certainly helps with those last-minute adjustments before heading out.

Industrial farmhouse home renovation - toggle switchesAnother fun feature of the home is the vintage toggle switches.

Industrial farmhouse home renovation - entrance

The aesthetics are not limited to the interior either, with a fancy brass nameplate outside their main door, along with a filing cabinet that lets couriers know where to place their deliveries. 

Spacious, laid-back living room brimming with visual intrigue

Industrial farmhouse home renovation - living room

The living room looks invitingly spacious, and although filled with plenty of texture and decor, is nicely spaced out to be too busy-looking. The dark green leather sofa too is a prized purchase from Carousell that the homeowners snagged for just $500.

Industrial farmhouse home renovation light fixture closeup

In fact, Scott and his wife bought and carried many of the beautiful light fixtures (& toggle switches) back from Buster + Punch in London. Some of these even come with ornate designs that, along with furnishings like a steel black metal bookshelf and an abstract wall clock, infuse the home with a bit of a steampunk character.

Industrial farmhouse home renovation - brown leather couch

The homeowners are clearly big on hosting and lounge spaces, with a second studded leather sofa further back in the living room, this time done up in a dark chocolate polish. This was sourced from Hock Siong for $1,000. 

The coffee table from Taobao is a fascinating piece, being a hexagonal marble slab with wood insets for its legs, and adds a good amount of contemporary style to the area whilst still fitting the theme.

A subtle but visually crucial element to this area would probably be the arched glass panel door that leads to the kitchen, which adds another material to the visual palette whilst also elevating the aesthetic of the place.

Industrial farmhouse home renovation - TV console

Another cool highlight in the living room is closer to the foyer, where the TV console and entryway are. Here, you can find an archway made of exposed bricks that would make a great first impression on many a guest that walk into Scott’s KJ’s abode.

Industrial farmhouse home renovation - brick archway

The gradually fading paintwork between the bricks and the cement screeding further reinforces the rustic nature of the archway.

Industrial farmhouse home renovation - silhouette

The other Pinterest-worthy detail here is the little jagged recessed area below the TV, which is backlit to create a wonderful silhouette of a mountain ridge. It’s the tiny details like this decorative feature and the brick archway that give the home a dash of organic quality and set it apart from the many other industrial-themed sanctuaries out there.

An office study with a visually stunning office desk

Industrial farmhouse home renovation - homeowners

The office study is the other big highlight. It’s seamlessly integrated into the living room so that it is easy for the homeowners to enjoy interconnected living.

Industrial farmhouse home renovation - office study

The office study has no walls, but is demarcated by a large metal bookshelf from Loft, where again we see more of the barn-style crossbuck design. Visually stealing the show here though, would have to be the $700 stainless steel study table, with a unique shape and rows of rivets all over that are evocative of spaceship panelling.

Industrial farmhouse home renovation - study desk closeupA close-up of the rivets all over the table.

The cold silver finish of the table stands out here by contrasting dramatically against the fabric and leather chairs that surround it on all sides.

Industrial farmhouse home renovation - sports accolades

Scott is also an avid sportsman, having won competitions in everything from dragon boating and Brazilian jiu-jitsu to Ironman races. This also means he has amassed a collection of medals that are proudly displayed in 2 huge cases lining the wall behind the study desk.

Industrial farmhouse home renovation - metal frame shelf

A calming, highly minimalist bedroom

Industrial farmhouse home renovation - bedroom

The bedroom in this home is ingeniously simple, a quality that helps create a relaxed, calming vibe. Most of the more playful colours are done away here, and you have an almost greyscale palette of whites, greys and blacks, which are warmed up with lighting.

The bathroom itself is also rather noteworthy, being made up entirely of glass walls. It is sensibly frosted over most of the way, but the top section remains clear to preserve the open-concept nature found in the rest of the home. The long rug beside the bed that aligns with the edge of the bathroom helps to keep the overall look clean too.

Industrial farmhouse home renovation - platform bed

The platform bed has enough space on its sides to act as integrated bedside counters for devices and controllers, whilst the retro exposed-bulb lights emphasise the simpler look in the bedroom intended to induce calm and relaxation.

Industrial farmhouse home renovation - bed nookFitting the bed within a nook is a nice touch as it helps make it feel extra cosy.

Industrial farmhouse home renovation - open wardrobe

The simple and black metal frame clothes rack and storage is actually charmingly minimalist, with the shelves and clothes in easy view. In this way, it has a contemporary aesthetic as well as matching the barebones, minimalist industrial look that the rest of the home is themed in. 

The Smeg mini-fridge is a nice little detail as well, giving space for a few snacks or a quick bit of refreshments, with a sleek, retro-style design that gives the bedroom an extra bit of character.

Industrial farmhouse home renovation - industrial clockAn abstract, minimalist wall-mounted clock that adds to the industrial theme of this room.

Inside a $41K industrial farmhouse home renovation

Scott KJ’s industrial farmhouse home renovation proves that given the right amount of homework, planning and deal hunting, you can actually design your own home too. And if you ever wanted a bold, minimalist approach that is heavy on texture and dramatic design details, you might want to save a couple of these images for your own inspo boards.

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Photography by: Ally Siew


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