June 14, 2024

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Optoma Unveils New Short Throw 4K Laser Home Entertainment And Gaming Projector

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Hot on the heels of its new ultra-bright UHZ66 home entertainment laser projector and two new ultra-portable home projectors, the ML1080 and ML1080ST, projector brand Optoma now has a new Short Throw laser projector it hopes will appeal to fans of big-screen gaming and movies.

The Optoma UHZ35ST is pitched as a new laser-based alternative to the brand’s previous, well-received UHD35STx. As you might expect, though, the shift to a laser lighting system ensures that the differences between this latest 35ST variation and its lamp-based predecessor run pretty deep in performance, design and reliability terms.

The DLP-based UHZ35ST’s ‘DuraCore’ laser light source is claimed, for starters, to deliver a potent 3,500 lumens of peak brightness and 500,000:1 contrast ratio, with Optoma adding that the laser system’s effective lifespan should stretch to 30,000 hours (if the projector’s running in its Eco light mode).

Optoma also claims that the shift to a laser lighting system will unlock a superior colour performance to the previous lamp-based 35ST, as well as opening up a wider range of installation options including support for larger image sizes and, potentially, the ability for the projector to still deliver punchy images even in rooms that aren’t completely blacked out.

Experience suggests that the UHZ35ST’s laser lighting system should help it deliver a more potent HDR experience than lamp projectors typically manage, too. The projector supports the HDR10 and HLG HDR formats to this end, but not the more advanced HDR10+ or Dolby Vision formats.

There’s support for true 3D content, too, if you’re still into that (and 3D does become much more interesting at the sort of image sizes the UHZ35ST gives you than it used to be on relatively small TV screens before 3D TVs stopped being made).

The ST part of the UHZ35ST’s name highlights its Short Throw capabilities, which enable it to deliver an image as big as 100 inches across when placed less than a meter from a screen. As well as opening up the possibility of true home cinema experiences in relatively small rooms, this short throw support makes it easier to avoid having to place the projector near your seating position, where its running noise and emitted heat could become a distraction.

Another more surprising benefit of the UHZ35ST’s move to a laser lighting system is that the projector’s body is 34% smaller than that of the lamp-based UHD35STx, making it much easier to either store in a cupboard when you’re not using it, or carry around between rooms or to other people’s homes. In fact, Optoma states that the UHZ35ST is the most compact projector in its class.

Projectors that place as high a premium on convenience as the UHZ35ST appears to do, and which likely won’t be permanently installed in a dedicated room, need to be easy to set up. Happily the UHZ35ST seems to have that covered too, equipped as it is with horizontal and vertical keystone adjustment, along with 360-degree and portrait mode operation options.

It should be said that keystone adjustments, which essentially distort the native pixel mapping of the image, aren’t as effective as optical image shifting systems would have been. But I guess this is a sacrifice Optoma has had to make to sell a projector as well specified as the UHZ35ST for $2,599 in the US and £2,299 (inc VAT) in the UK.

Optoma’s announcement of the UHZ35ST is keen to stress its green and gaming credentials. On the eco-friendly front, its bodywork is made from 50% post-consumer recycled materials; there’s no need to replace the projector’s lamps; and the laser lighting system should deliver its extreme brightness more efficiently. On the gaming front, the UHZ35ST can handle frame rates of up to 240Hz in 1080p resolution, and claims to be capable of getting input lag (the time the projector takes to render image data) down to as low as 4ms with 1080p/240Hz images, or 16.9ms with 4K/60Hz games.

The UHZ35ST carries a built-in 15W speaker to save you the trouble of having to partner it with an external sound system, while its connections, finally, include two HDMI 2.0 inputs, a 3.5mm audio output, a 1.5A USB-A power port, an RS232 system control port (the projector supports the AMX, Crestron RoomView and Extron IPLink systems), and an RJ45 port for accessing internet service updates.

The UHZ35ST is available now in both the US and UK.

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