June 14, 2024

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This Hidden Home Entertainment Sound System Is Immersive

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The new TV in our family room is great. But its sound doesn’t quite envelope the large space. We wanted to boost the sound without running cables and speakers everywhere. And then we stumbled upon sofa brand Lovesac and its StealthTech premium speaker technology that’s embedded inside its Sactionals seats. That is, the 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound by Harman Kardon lies hidden in bluetooth-connected speakers that sit within the cushions, arms and backing of the couch. And the result is nothing short of dazzling.

We went to a local showroom to test it out, and found a trailer for the latest Mission Impossible movie playing on the TV. But the rumbling and general sound clarity made it feel like we were in the theater. Pretty much an immersive 4-D experience. There’s no more guessing what people are saying on the screen – which frankly has been an issue for me as I age.

Based on the fabric you select, the audio is optimized for that material type and density – for consistent quality. And the layout you choose for your Sactional is tuned to be a consistent audio experience from any seat in the configuration. Plus, I’ve been in a lot of living rooms with speakers scattered around the room and in the ceiling. While that’s nice and all, it’s nothing compared to this system that brings the sound to you via unique closeness that you could never get through typical wall-mounted speakers. The Lovesac system includes the embedded speakers, center channel, power hub, and built-in bass via a 100W powered 8-inch subwoofer – all based on how many seats and pieces in your configuration. I love that the only visible piece is the center channel that sits by the TV. Everything else is hidden.

And by the way, the couch itself looks nice, is comfortable, and offers good back support. In fact, we ordered ours with an upgraded foam that makes me want to fall asleep on it every night. But what this high-tech sofa really has done for us is transform our family room into an entertainment center. First thing I watched on ours was a hockey game. Every time someone got checked into the boards, I felt it through the bass. Pretty cool, actually. Football games on TV honestly make us feel like we’re in the stadium — without all of the overpriced food. Movies are more immersive. And watching sitcoms with the laugh track is like being in the studio audience. TV will never be the same. I’m not into gaming, but I bet this really enhances playtime, too. I really like the way we can easily pump up or tone down the bass and treble independently, as well as change the balance and speaker output. Only our dog’s not a fan – he’s used to laying against the side arm. But when sound initially emerged from it, he freaked out a little before quickly finding a new spot.

I’ve also used the companion app that lets me customize the sound for any type of viewing experience. It has pre-programmed modes for the type of show I’m watching, but I can also override it to our liking. Or turn it off completely, via the included remote – in case we just want to hear sound through the TV. I can also stream music through it from my phone, which frankly sounds amazing. And if I reconfigure the layout – which is doable with Lovesac – then I can refresh the sound through the app, as well.

Speaking of, Lovesac comes in individualized pieces that all interconnect. So if we were to move this from one room to another and needed a new couch configuration, we could just re-do the couch layout to our liking. I highly recommend that if you ever order this product, you may want to hire someone to come to your home and assemble both the couch and speaker system. In our case, it was transformative.


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