July 12, 2024

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Integra & Onkyo New Network Class G Stereo Receivers for 2024

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Onkyo & Integra Bring Modern Features to a Stereo Receiver

We often see Denon and Marantz releasing new products simultaneously, leveraging their shared ownership to coordinate launches and offer complementary audio and home theater solutions. Similarly, we see Onkyo and Integra doing the same. The release of the Integra DTM-7.4 and the Onkyo TX-8470 again shows the strategic coordination between the two well-regarded brands in the audio industry. Both products were launched to cater to enthusiasts seeking high-fidelity 2-channel sound and advanced connectivity options. The Integra DTM-7.4, looks to be a robust and versatile receiver, and offers features such as multi-room audio support and custom integration with various streaming services. The Onkyo TX-8470 boasts a user-friendly interface and extensive input options for modern audio sources. This concurrent release highlights the brands’ commitment to providing complementary products that enhance the overall audio experience.

Why Class G Amplification?

If you don’t read the specs carefully, you’d probably miss that both Onkyo and Integra offerings feature Class G amplification. This is a good sign that these products will be efficient ad delivering high power to your speakers without massive heat build up in your rack. Class G is a variation upon the theme of Class A/B, utilizing voltage rail switching.  Under low demand
conditions, the system utilizes a lower rail voltage than a comparably
rated Class A/B amplifier, significantly reducing power consumption; as
high power conditions arise, the system dynamically increases rail
voltage (i.e. switches to the high voltage rail) to handle high
amplitude transients.

Onkyo TX-8470 2-Channel Network Stereo Receiver

onkyo home

We were unsure of Onkyo’s future back in 2022, first filing for bankruptcy and then subsequently being bought out by Sharp and Voxx International. But if last year’s showings from Onkyo like their 11.2-channel TX-RZ70 AVR for $2,799 are indicators of what’s to come, then Onkyo fans will have nothing to worry about. Onkyo has now released details on their new TX-8470 Network Stereo Receiver. The TX-RZ70 is a 2-channel network stereo receiver with 110 watts/ch (2CH driven @ 8 ohms < 1% THD+N) and 140 watts/ch (2CH driven @ 4 ohms < 1% THD+N). It’s nice to see a receiver manufacturer actually give you a 4-ohm power rating with both channels driven like they did back in the day.

Onkyo labels it to be a “high-performance receiver packaged with all modern streaming technologies.” 

The TX-8470 is a good choice for consumers who are not interested in multi-speaker surround sound set-ups but still want exceptional 2-channel sound performance for music and movies. It’s a receiver for those looking for an easy-to-use product with integration for third-party voice assistants such as Google and Apple that allow you to perfect your home entertainment ecosystem with modern connectivity features. With a two-channel stereo receiver, rather than a larger audio video receiver (AVR), each component is optimized for more focused and refined audio output.

With vinyl making a comeback, it’s time to dust off that vintage collection… or start a new one! The Onkyo TX-8470 was specifically made for record players. Thanks to its patented discrete op amp circuits and isolated MM / MC phono board, these sensitive phono signals are protected from unwanted distortions to improve clarity and audio performance. In addition to its AM/FM Tuner, you can easily access your favorite high-resolution music streaming platforms with integration from Roon, Tidal, Deezer, and more.

onkyo rear

The TX-8470 features an AKM Premium 32-bit / 768 kHz Stereo 2-channel DAC, HDMI ARC 4in / 1out all supports 8K up to 40Gbps visual content support, HDMI ARC technology, 3 Digital Inputs (2 Optical and 1 Coaxial), and Class G Amplifier.  It is a TV-friendly stereo receiver for tight spaces thanks to HDMI ARC technology and processing 8K visual content with high-res audio output. 

The TX-8470 is available to order now ($799 US) at authorized retailers and www.onkyo.com.

Integra DTM-7.4 Network Stereo Receiver



Integra has
announced the release of its new DTM-7.4 Network Stereo Receiver, a product
name that may suggest a multi-channel system but is, in fact, a powerful
2-channel, 110-watts-per-channel stereo receiver. Designed specifically with
custom installation professionals in mind, the DTM-7.4 brings advanced features
and robust connectivity to seamlessly integrate into high-end home
entertainment systems.

Key among
its features is the web setup and IP control, facilitating ease of installation
and management. It also includes RS232, IR in/out, and is Roon Ready, enhancing
its appeal to audiophiles who prioritize high-resolution streaming. The
receiver supports full compatibility with major control systems such as
Control4 SDDP, Crestron, Josh, and Savant, among others, ensuring it can fit
into virtually any custom setup.

Amazon Ready-Integra-DTM-74-Back-MDD

For video
enthusiasts, the DTM-7.4 includes four HDMI inputs and one HDMI output, all
supporting 8K resolution at up to 40Gbps and ARC technology. This makes it
ideal for use in zones that do not require surround sound but still demand
high-quality video output.

receiver’s audio capabilities are equally impressive, featuring three analog
inputs and three digital audio inputs (two optical and one coaxial). It
supports dual-band 5 GHz / 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, ensuring robust wireless
connectivity. Additional high-end audio features include gold-plated RCA
terminals, patented discrete op-amp circuits, and an isolated phono preamp with
MM/MC support. These elements are designed to preserve delicate phono signals,
minimizing vibrations, and delivering enhanced clarity and pristine sound

DTM-7.4 is now available for order at authorized retailers, priced at $900. For
more details, visit the official Integra website at integrahometheater.com.

These latest
releases from Onkyo and Integra further demonstrate a commitment to providing high-quality,
custom-installation-friendly products that meet the needs of both professionals
and audiophiles, offering a blend of cutting-edge technology and exceptional
sound quality. What do you think of the two new receivers? Leave a comment in the discussion link below.

Unless otherwise indicated, this is a preview article for the featured product. A formal review may or may not follow in the future.


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