July 12, 2024

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15 Best Soundbars, Editor Tested and Reviewed (2024): Sonos, Samsung, Yamaha, Sony

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There are a lot of great soundbars out there, and we don’t have room to feature them all. Here are some others you might want to consider.

Vizio Elevate M-Series for $500: If you want full-featured Dolby Atmos and you like a bit of flair, Vizio’s second Elevate bar is worth considering. Drivers pop out of the side and aim toward your ceiling when Atmos content is playing, giving it a nifty party trick to show your pals. Sound quality is solid too, and we like the compact design and easy setup. However, you will have to route some speaker cables for the rear surrounds.

The Yamaha SR-C30A for $276: This model SR-C30A soundbar looks very similar indeed to the SR-C20A, and that’s because they’re the same thing where dimensions, specification, and sound quality are all concerned. The difference is that the SR-C30A ships with a compact (335 x 160 x 364mm) wireless subwoofer for some authentic Hollywood-style rumble and punch. —Simon Lucas

Sennheiser Ambeo Plus for $970: Given the price and the physical dimensions of the soundbar—which doesn’t even include a subwoofer—the Ambeo Plus might look like a poor deal. But thanks to its 400 watts of power and its nine carefully developed and even more carefully positioned speaker drivers, this Sennheiser is capable of big, enveloping sound with a strong suggestion of the sonic height that Dolby Atmos soundtracks thrive on. By way of an encore, it turns out to be a hugely capable wireless speaker when you want to listen to some music, too. —Simon Lucas

The Polk React for $259: This soundbar works if you want to get surround sound eventually but don’t have the cash right now. The Alexa-enabled soundbar is fine on its own, with surround speakers and subwoofers available from Polk if you want to upgrade.

The Vizio Elevate P-Series for $700: This is an awesome-looking soundbar with side speakers that swivel skyward when you’re watching content with object-based audio. It’s a nice-sounding bar, and that gimmick is neat, but there are better options for under $1,000.

Roku Streambar for $129: If you’re after a soundbar that also doubles as an awesome streaming device, WIRED senior editor Adrienne So swears by the Roku Streambar. After she spent years without one, I sent her home with this Roku model, and she was so impressed that she shouted it from the rooftops. Setup is extremely easy, and because it comes with Roku’s simple streaming interface (and support for surround sound, as well as 4K and high dynamic range video), you can stream movies and shows from just about every streaming service. You can also add a Roku subwoofer or surround-sound speakers down the line. We encourage getting a sub. We’ve linked to Roku’s Walmart version, named “Onn,” because it looks like the original model is being discontinued. It’s cheaper and slightly weaker but still a lot nicer than standard TV speakers, and it comes with the built-in Roku streaming interface.


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