June 14, 2024

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IIFL Home Finance looks to capture the essence of trust and support in a new campaign

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IIFL Home Finance a digital-first home finance company has unveiled its latest film. The aim is to capture the essence of trust and support that the audience can place in the brand. This the brand said epitomises its commitment, presence and unwavering support to turn dreams into reality by fulfilling the dream of home ownership and also the business loan requirements of their audiences. Actor Pawan Malhotra stars in the campaign.

Schbang, a Creative, Media, Technology Transformation company collaborates as the creative partner for the film. Together with IIFL Home Finance they will launch the film centered on the key theme of ‘Saath Honge Kaamyaab’ in several languages across the country.

The film revolves around the theme of trust, featuring Bharosa Bhau played by Malhotra, a trusted figure symbolising reliability in relationships. His recall as the face of reason is exceptionally high, resonating with those seeking trust within their circle said the company.

Bharosa Bhau emerges as the ultimate arbiter of trust, offering reassurance and affirmation. The narrative seamlessly transitions to Bharosa Bhau placing his trust in IIFL Home Finance Ltd., delivering a powerful message about the reliability and credibility of the brand when it comes to fulfilling the dream of home ownership and business loan requirements.

IIFL Home Finance Head, Marketing, ESG and CSR Madhvi Gupta said, “We believe in transforming dreams of our customers into reality by supporting them in their journey of home ownership and business needs. Our film ‘Saath Honge Kaamyaab’ captures the essence of trust and support, reinforcing that with IIFL Home Finance Ltd., you are not alone in the journey towards pursuing your dreams and can place your trust in the brand.”

Manish Kinger
Manish Kinger

Schbang executive creative director Manish Kinger said, “Our intent with ‘Saath Honge Kamyaab’ is to solidify the aura of trust around the brand. It was imperative to deliver on this objective with a packaging that is consumer-first. Which is why we chose humor over emotion as our language of communication. The creation of Bharosa Bhau was the first step in that direction – a brand champion that is relatable, witty and memorable. With this quirky film, we are looking to inject comic relief in the otherwise serious category and reinstate friend-like trust on the brand, in the process.”

Malhotra sharing his experience on playing the lead role in the film ‘Saath Honge Kaamyaab’ said, “Portraying the role in ‘Saath Honge Kaamyaab’ has been an enriching experience. The film’s narrative, centered around trust, resonated with me deeply. It beautifully captures the essence of reliability in various life situations. Being associated with IIFL Home Finance Ltd. and this inspiring project has been a privilege, and I believe the audience will connect with the powerful message it delivers.”

The overarching concept underscores the idea that trust is foundational, and the one you trust (Bharosa Bhau) chooses to place his trust in IIFL Home Finance Ltd.

Watch the film here:

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