April 16, 2024

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Plumbing Tops Google’s Most Searched Home Services in Canada, Study Reveals

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Recent analysis by Handybros has unveiled a significant insight into the home services sector, identifying ‘Plumbers near me’ as Canada’s most sought-after online search query. With an average of 522,520 monthly searches, plumbing services outpaced other home maintenance needs, reflecting the pressing demand for this essential service. Electrical services and pest control followed, highlighting the diverse needs of Canadian homeowners.

Exploring the Demand for Home Services

The study conducted by Handybros, focusing on Google search data over the past year, presents an intriguing landscape of home service priorities among Canadians. Plumbing, with its staggering monthly search volume, leads the pack, indicating not only the urgency but perhaps the challenges homeowners face in finding reliable plumbing solutions. Electrical services, with 268,350 searches, and pest control companies, with 250,000, underscore the pivotal role these services play in ensuring the safety and comfort of Canadian households.

Top Searches Reflect Homeowners’ Concerns

Beyond the top three, the rankings reveal a comprehensive view of homeowners’ concerns and needs. Cleaning services, home security, and heating and air conditioning services garnered significant attention, ranking fourth, fifth, and sixth, respectively. This array of services underscores the multifaceted aspects of home maintenance, from cleanliness and security to the essential comfort provided by HVAC systems. Gardening, roofing, painting, and handyman services complete the top ten, illustrating the broad spectrum of home improvement endeavors Canadians are investing in.

Implications for the Home Service Industry

This data not only highlights the high demand for specific home services but also offers valuable insights for service providers. Understanding these search trends can help businesses tailor their marketing strategies and services to meet the most pressing needs of homeowners. Furthermore, it underscores the importance of online visibility and accessibility, as most homeowners turn to the internet to find reliable and efficient service solutions for their home maintenance challenges.

The findings from Handybros’ study shine a light on the evolving landscape of home service needs and preferences in Canada. As homeowners continue to invest in the maintenance and improvement of their living spaces, the demand for skilled professionals in various service categories is expected to grow. This trend not only indicates a thriving market for home services but also signals opportunities for service providers to innovate and expand their offerings to meet the dynamic needs of Canadian households.


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