June 14, 2024

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The best 4K projector 2023: top home theater beamers

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Best 4K projectors: quick menu

The best 4K projectors are still the ultimate way for you to get an immersive theater experience at home. All of the projectors in this guide are capable of beaming a larger image than any regular TVs, with 100 inches being a standard image size when a 4K projector is paired with a projection screen.

Over the years, we’ve reviewed many of the best 4K projectors, from some of the highest-specified models on the market through to the more affordable and high-value ones. Not every viewer has the same needs when buying a 4K projector, so we’ve made our recommendations here based on a range of requirements, from no-compromise home cinema to sports viewing and portable use – and in all cases, tested by us.


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